Welcome to Urban Cottage Living

Everything needs to start somewhere. To be honest, I've been mulling over what my first blog post should be. Since I couldn't decide, I thought I would just do a little introduction to my thinking behind this whole thing called Urban Cottage Living. You can read more about it and I encourage you to start here, but for now, a little rambling.

I love home

I love everything home. My environment is really important to me. I'm one of those people who had to learn over the years to let messes sit because I like everything in its place. This is not to impress anyone, but because it makes me relaxed - an oxymoron I do realize.

When John and I were first married, we were broke. I was forced to be creative with what we had, inspired by Country Living, Martha Stewart, and Better Homes and Gardens magazines. We did not buy our first home until 11 years of our marriage, and we moved around often so I got plenty of practice.

Our home has always been decorated and inviting. Over the years friends would ask me "how did you do that?" I realized I had a knack for interior design and I was helping them with their homes.

 John posted this picture of our house to Instagram right after we found out the sale went through.

John posted this picture of our house to Instagram right after we found out the sale went through.

I love to DIY

Even though I had no other choice than to DIY in the beginning, I've never stopped. When I stroll streets filled with boutiques and antique stores I am idea shopping. I love nothing more than to be inspired by something and then come home and create my own spin on it.

Growing up, my dad was a school teacher. But, really, he is a closet architect. He has designed and built five houses and done two remodels. I started building my own furniture out of leftover 2x4's and plywood from the construction site trash pile. When I was seven years old I built my first table and a pair of benches with a handsaw, hammer, and nails. Today I enjoy my power tools!

I love to entertain

My love language is acts of service. Whether it is a dinner for six or a full out party, I want my friends to feel special. I'm deathly allergic to paper plates and plastic forks. However, I'm learning to loosen up, realizing it's the people that matter, not the fork.

Nonetheless, if I can make it happen, I want my guests to feel spoiled and special--from the decorations, to the lighting, to the music, to the food, to the fork.

I love to garden

This is something I do for myself. I am absolutely grounded when I am cultivating and nurturing in my yard. I think growing my own food is one of the most amazing experiences. I never feel like I can learn enough about it.

In my big house, I had a big garden. Here, in my small house, I have a small yard but I am absolutely having a ball figuring out where to grow everything. With permaculture and edible landscaping becoming more popular, I am finding I can grow just as much food on my small lot as I could in my big garden.

I love to share

Urban Cottage Living is exciting for me because I have some life experience behind me. I have a new project and a new challenge with my small house. I know what works for me. So, I thought I would share it will all of you.

I would love to get to know you more. Please comment, follow me on all those little social media icons in the top right corner, and subscribe to my email. Welcome!