9 Tips To Know Before You Visit Magnolia Silos

I got to travel and visit the Magnolia Silos for free. I am one of the millions of HGTV's Fixer Upper fans and I was so excited to be able to visit the silos in person! Last year I earned a trip with my company to Austin, Texas. In case you haven't read it on my About Me page, I moonlight as a Pampered Chef Director and have for 23 years. The trip I earned was a pretty short one and I considered not even going. That was until I mapped how close I would be to Magnolia!

Here are nine tips to know before you visit Magnolia Silos.

1. Parking

You can get all the latest information on parking on Magnolia Market's website. It was kind of like playing the parking lot game at the mall during the holidays. You just kind of need to plan a little extra time to find a spot, crawl slow, and keep your eyes open. We landed a spot on the street just two blocks away.

Good tips on visiting Magnolia!

2. Lines

Plan time for standing in line. We arrived late morning, on a weekday, and in the spring. One would think it wouldn't be as busy since it wasn't on the weekend, but no. Plan on standing in line in the store just to look, at the checkout to purchase, at the food trucks for lunch, and for the restroom. Just do a little self-talk and know it will be crowded and you'll be okay. It's kind of like knowing how long it is going to take you to check out on black Friday. You go knowing there will be lines, so have a good attitude about it.

The secret to beating the lines at Magnolia silos.

3. So Much to Look At

I know it seems funny that you would stand in a line just to shop. However, there are so many displays, vignettes, and cute corners. I went around twice because I didn't want to miss anything.

Chip Gaines corner at Magnolia Market - so cute. Good tips here for visiting.

4. The Warehouse

This tip will save you 30 to 45 minutes. At the back of the main store is an entrance to the warehouse. Back here you will find many of the same items in the store and additional souvenirs and gifts. The best part is, there is another check stand. This line was much shorter than the line in the main store. 

The warehouse at Magnolia Market - the lines are shorter. Tips for visiting the silos.
Tips for visiting Magnolia Silos

5. Souvenirs

It was really hard for me to decide what I wanted to bring home for myself and my Magnolia loving friends. The t-shirts, totes, hats, and mugs are all well stocked. So well stocked that they have staff that just takes inventory and refills them non-stop. That my friend is excellent customer service!

Tips for visiting Magnolia Silos

6. Food Trucks

You can pack a lunch if you prefer, but there are a good choice of food trucks and it makes it a real fun part of the experience. If you require a special diet, be sure to check the website for the current food truck list as they change. You can then google the food trucks listed and research their menu. 

9 things to know when planning your visit to Magnolia Market

7. Restrooms

There are restrooms in an out building. I just love how the entire space was planned in using existing buildings on the property. The restrooms are one such building and yes, they are clean.

9 things to know before you visit Magnolia silos

8. More Than A Store

There is more to do than shop on your visit to the silos. There are lawn games, the garden, and now the bakery. The garden shop and the bakery weren't finished when I visited, so I guess I'm going to need to plan to go back!

9. Other Shops In Waco

If you are a Fixer Upper fan, you, of course, will want to head over to Clint Harp's store, Harp Design Co. In addition, there are all kinds of fun little decor shops popping up around Waco.

Harp Design Co - tips for visiting Waco
Blog post on tips for visiting Magnolia and Harp Design Co

Planning a trip to the Magnolia Market Silos isn't something you can do in an hour. When you plan to go, make it a day trip. You will be able to take your time and enjoy the entire experience. Have you visited the silos? What was your favorite part?